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Naizil Marine

Naizil Marine


Excellent quality performance, ideal resistance to sunrays and weather agents, hydro-repulsion assured by proper PVC coating or acrylic resin.

These are the main technical aspects of Naizil, the fabric which guarantees the best covering and protection for every kind of boats, in the various local applications.


Naizil is waterproof, ultralight and long lasting. It has been conceived in order to satisfy the following requirements:

  • minimum volume of encumbrance.
  • maximum capacity of resistance to efforts
  • extreme flexibility and easiest handling.

The necessary operations of maintenance and cleaning are extremely simple and easy to perform:

  • wash regularly with neutral soap powders and soft brushes.
  • do not use solvents, diluents, chemical agents and hot water washings above 50° C.
  • do not fold fabric if wet

NAIZIL SEATEX 350 g/m2      lacquering ROTOMATT

NAIZIL FLYMARINER – 450 g/m2 lacquering ROTOMATT