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Naizil Biogas

Naizil Srl introduces the new range of technical fabrics for the bioenergy industry, specifically studied for the production of containment membranes and plants for the production of biogas with double or single membrane…

Naizil Cover Circus

Naizil COVER CIRCUS coated fabrics have been designed to meet the high-quality standards requested by the circus market…

Naizil Cover – Textile Architecture

The Naizil COVER range of coated fabrics has been designed to meet the high-quality standards required by the market of tensile structures and large coverings…

Naizil Eco

Under Construction…

Naizil Look

Introducing the very first fabric that allows you to create a unique frame supported structure that fits perfectly into any environment.

Naizil Marine

Excellent quality performance, ideal resistance to sunrays and weather agents, hydro-repulsion assured by proper PVC coating or acrylic resin.

Naizil Mesh

Mesh fabric is made of high tenacity polyester. It is PVC coated with lacquering ROTOMATT on both sides, UV rays resistant and it ensures long term durability…

Naizil Soleil

Naizil SOLEIL fabrics are the result of a continuous and steadfast effort in research and innovation.
SOLEIL fabrics stand out for their waterproofness….

Naizil Soleil Suncontrol

Naizil SOLEIL SUNCONTROL is a micro-perforated fabric characterized by excellent performance in reducing luminosity and solar heat…

Naizil Solar Panel

Under Construction…

Naizil Teloni – Technical Membrane

Naizil technical fabrics are PVC coated fabrics with excellent mechanical properties, suited for multiple uses.