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1959: Ziliotto’s family, characterized by a strong family tradition, established La Plastiveneta S.a.S. The headquarter of the company is in Cadoneghe, Padua. The core business is the plasticisation process of paper products through PVC films for third-parties.


1964: with the purchase of the first PVC coating machine, the production and the marketing of the first PVC composed materials, reinforced with natural fibres (cotton) and synthetic fibres (polyamides) also known as nylon fibres, starts. With such technical materials, the first PVC coated waterproof tarpaulins are produced. The PVC film coupling process are soon abandoned.


1970: the company is equipped with new technologies such as packaging cutter machines, perfecting the entire phase of production. The greater efficiency and flexibility allow to extend the range of products, targeting several different markets such as tarpaulins, tends for circuses, industrial buildings and the naval industry.


1979: the company establishes a weaving plant in Binago (Como). The “weft inserted” fabrics are produced with the most advanced weaving machineries.


1980: the marketing of La Plastiveneta products with Naizil Srl trademark starts. Naizil® trademark is created by the combination of the words NYLON (synthetic fibre) and ZILIOTTO (surname of the Italian founder).

1980-1990: La Plastiveneta S.a.s. progresses in its sales and productive growth. In Canada, the first production plan Naizil Srl is established. Thanks to the strong technology developed in Italy, two PVC coating systems are built to respond to the specific needs of the American market through the production of special PVC composed fabrics reinforced with high tenacity polyester fibres.


1986: the new headquarter offices and production plant are opened in Campodarsego, Padua. The establishment occupies an area of 21,000 square meters (11,000 covered).


1988: the strongest producer of acrylic fabrics for sunshades and home furnishing, the company PARA’ from Milan, enters the share capital of La Plastiveneta S.p.a.


1990: The company is among the first companies in its field to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program that is able to supply a general and exclusive system of control of the production, warehouse and the accounting.

1999-2003: In 1999, the coating line is completely renewed. A new system allows the production of PVC composed materials with high density polyester fabrics with a total maximum length of 360 cm. Moreover, the innovative coating technology allows the application of 4 PVC coatings, 2 on each side of the fabric, with constant control of the PVC quantity that is used. Such control is made possible by the electronic devices that automatically manage the process parameters. Together with the coating, in the same line, it is possible to print bicolour on one side of the fabric. Finally, also in line with the coating and the printing, is installed the finishing equipment that allows to treat the composed material with double lacquering, one on the external part and one on the internal. All the coating phases, printing and lacquering are executed in one step of the production. The implementation of a new equipment carries along the renovation of all other departments involved such as cutting, packaging and stocking.


2004: With the scope of marketing and distributing Naizil Srl coated fabrics in the northern European markets, the Dutch company Duratex is acquired. The new company is introduced in the market as “DURATEX NAIZIL A/S”.


2005: All the group companies are reunited under the same name and logo. Naizil Srl is established.


2006-2008: In the second part of 2000, the world market has a strong growth in the Far eastern countries. Naizil Srl reacts by automating the entire production cycle with leading-edge systems and technologies. In this way, significant improvements are brought to the working conditions of the employees with a considerable time reduction of the production cycle. To complete such innovative path, the first vertical totally automated warehouse is built with a capability of 17.000 rolls. All operations are executed by automatic manipulators that completely relieves the manual handing of the warehouse staff and fasten the load/unload operations.

2010-2015: due to the big economic crisis and the market stagnation started in 2007, the company undergoes downsizing and shuts down production plants such as Binago (Como) and “DURATEX NAIZIL A/S”.
2016: Naizil Srl is acquired by the newly established Naizil Srl with an entire foreign share capital, the majority of which is held by Mr. Humoud Al Senidi and the minority by Mr. Ibrahim Halil Gul.

During this year, a path of renovation and recovery starts for Naizil Srl to regain its leadership role in the market.


2017: the company intensifies its extraordinary maintenance works in the production department focusing in particular on the activities related to cutting emissions in the atmosphere. In this period, the contribution of the stakeholders is particularly relevant and allows the company to introduce itself to the market with the credibility given by the strength of the Al Senidi group. In the meantime, the board of directors hires an Italian General Manager for the company development.


2018: the company is currently expanding and becomes active in implementing its sales force with a strong international outlook. Regarding the research and the development of new products, Naizil Srl develops an innovative PV panel, flexible, featuring CIGS – Copper Indium Gallium Selenide – technology applicable also to road transport.

Naizil Srl ends 2018 with a substantial increase in sales’ revenues and a significant increase in the EU exports.


2019-2022: Naizil Srl makes new investments to protect the environment, improve the quality and expand the range of the products offered to the market.
In order to promote sales in the North American market, a warehouse of finished products is established in Canada with the collaboration of the subsidiary Naizil Srl.
The company continues to strengthen its presence in the European markets and automates and digitizes most of the manual operations in the production departments according to the new paradigms of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Thanks to this, Naizil is able to offer customers an even faster and more efficient shipping service.