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Naizil Look

Naizil Look

Introducing the very first fabric that allows you to create a unique frame supported structure that fits perfectly into any environment.

This peculiar coated fabric printed with tiles and bricks patterns is based on the technology of Naizil “Cover” product range. It is specifically designed for gazebos, marquees, party tents and big covers which need to camouflage with the environment.

This result is obtained through flexographic print with cylinder and with multi-colour acrylic inks. Within the same production line, lacquering and calendaring at the end of the process guarantee the long duration of the product and his resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents.


Texture Roofing tile, colour grey nr. 597

Texture Roofing tile, colour ochre yellow nr. 596

Texture Roofing tile, colour red brick nr. 595

Texture Thatch, colour yellow nr. 602


Texture Facing bricks, colour brick red nr. 599

Texture Bricks, colour brown nr. 605

Texture Stone, colour grey nr. 601