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The “COVER” series coated fabrics have been designed to meet the high quality standards required by the market of tensile structures and large coverings.

All Cover coated fabrics are produced with tough polyester in the Naizil weaving plant, as a further guarantee of the high resistance and physical-mechanical properties required in textile architecture.

On request, architecture fabrics can be manufactured with LOW-WICKING treated yarn which prevents the support fabric from absorbing dirt and damp in case of cuts and abrasion.

Tensostruttura - Milano Fiera Cernobbio


The special "Cover" coating formulation gives the Naizil Cover fabrics excellent durability, greater protection against mould, and resistance to the action of UV rays and environmental factors that cause ageing.
All "Cover" products are self-extinguishing and protected by ROTOFLUO W (PVDF sealable) lacquering. They also offer the possibility of applying extra treatments such as ROTOFLUO P (PVDF 100%, non-sealable) lacquering.
Lastly, the new TITAN W (TiO2) lacquering represents the cutting-edge in the protection of PVC coated fabrics. Compared with conventional lacquering systems present on the market, TITAN W is a protective screen that further increases the life of the product, keeping it cleaner.
"Cover" fabrics are provided with the certifications required in the various countries where they are marketed. Some of these products are available in stock, whereas others are manufactured on customer request. 
Cover fabrics and treatments for Tensile structures
Treatment            COIBENTAZIONE
Treatment            METALLIZZAZIONE    
Treatment            OSCURANTE
Lacquering           ROTOFLUO P (non saldabile PVDF)     
Lacquering           TITAN W (TiO2)
Thread                LOW-WICKING

· all the characteristics have a tolerance of +/-5%

GREEN COVER   520 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
PS COVER   680 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
BEST COVER Weft-inserted   720 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
SPORT COVER Type 1   720 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
BIG COVER Type 2   950 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
PLUS COVER Type 3   1100 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
STRONG COVER Type 4   1300 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
EXTRA COVER Type 5   1450 g/m2, Flame retardant Details
PS TENSO - CL. 1   680 g/m2, Flame retardant Details

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